Welcome to Laem Mae Phim

A couple of decades ago, Laem Mae Phim was a quiet fishing village and a picnic-style resort for Thais with wonderful sandy beaches. Now it has also grown into a Thai home area and a vacation spot for Western, mostly Nordic residents. There is a wide range of apartments of different sizes to suit everyone's preferences.

Mae Phim offers an excellent setting for a beach vacation as well as for longer-term living. The village's own beach is located next to the promenade and is about four kilometers long. In addition, there are many "tourist beaches" where, in addition to sunbathing and swimming, massages and good restaurant services are offered.

Mae Phim's pluses are a short distance from the airport, tranquility, the absence of the mild phenomena of mass tourism, an affordable price level, wonderful sandy beaches, sunshine and relatively little rainfall compared to the rest of Thailand.

Laem Mae Phim is located in Rayong province at the bottom of the Gulf of Siam in Thailand. From Bangkok's Suvarnabhumi (BKK) international airport, it takes about two hours to drive here, the distance is 180 km. The distance from the city of Bangkok is slightly more, 215 km. The nearest big city Rayong is 44 km away and the smaller city Klaeng is 16 km away.

Laem Mae Phim is pronounced "läm mää phim", stress on the last word. Laem means cape and Mae means mother. The name of the place means Mother Phim's Cape. In colloquial language, the word Laem is often omitted and we call the place Mae Phim for short.

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