There is plenty of choice in restaurants in the Mae Phim area. There are about 60 restaurants along the beach alone, most of them are traditional beach restaurants with sunbeds.

The classification of restaurants could be street kitchens, local lunch places, places specializing only in seafood, half-western (offering not only Thai but also Western food) and restaurants intended for tourists.

There are also plenty of wooden chair and table restaurants with menus ranging from steaks to traditional Thai dishes. You can also find here e.g. tapas, cook-your-own and grill restaurants. Pizza is available in almost every half-western and tourist restaurant, and their toppings are wide. The taste of the pizzas could be described as very good.

Compared to the number of residents and tourists, the number of restaurants seems disproportionately large. This is due to the fact that Mae Phim has long been a place to spend weekends and holidays especially for Bangkokians. With their help, we maintain a good level of service for us Finns as well. This also enables various beach entertainments with jet skis and banana boats.

Eating out or picking up food from a restaurant is very common here among the locals, so the popular lunch spots can be packed just before and after noon. However, you should bravely go to such a place, because the crowd is a sign that they serve exactly that Authentic Thai food.

The menus in these places favored by the locals are usually only in Thai, but orders can be made based on the pictures, or perhaps the most famous Thai dish, Pad Thai, can be ordered in English "Pad Thai with chicken/shrimps, spicy/medium/not spicy, please". More information about Pad Thai on Wikipedia.

For dessert, of course, Roti banana pancakes, which you can buy at the scooter shop (mostly in the evenings in front of 7 Eleven stores).

Selections of pub-type places:

Lucky Viking (Facebook, map link)

Dubliner Inn Mae Phim (Facebook, map link)

Mighty Tricky Drinks (near 7Eleven, map link)

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Street kitchens

It's a pretty sure thing that you won't be surprised by hunger in Mae Phim. There are numerous fixed street kitchens and mobile kitchens built on scooters on Beach road and along the road leading to Kram. There is plenty to choose, from whole grilled chickens to skewers and local snacks.

Fish restaurants (local)

When you go from Tequila Sunrise to the fish market, there are several restaurants specializing in fish and other seafood. The fish and shellfish are alive in their tanks, so the freshness of the food is guaranteed.

Map link to the first restaurant in the row. Google Maps has a lot of pictures of restaurant portions. Facebook of the Pla-o restaurant.

Rakmaephim (local)

A row of beach restaurants begins after the fish market. Here you can always get fresh and tasty food made especially from fish and shellfish. Rakmaephim represents one of these many. Friendly service and affordable prices guarantee a nice lunch experience.

Tom yom soups can be mentioned in particular, these are brought to the beach table in their own pot with coal heating.

Map link

Muai Pad Thai (local)

The lunch restaurant located near Kram's Pattana shop is very popular with the locals. The best Pad Thai at its most authentic is served here.

Don't be afraid even if you don't find a free seat right away, you will be rewarded for waiting a while.

Map link 

Rice Wonder Cafe & Eco Resort (local)

Rice Wonder Cafe & Eco Resort offers authentic Thai food in a glamping atmosphere. The values ​​of the place are closeness to nature and ecological choices.

The owner can also be reached on WhatsApp +358505734779. 

Accommodation is also available in charming bungalows.

Facebook, map link, home page (booking)

Singapore Chicken (local)

A few hundred meters from Kram to the beach, there is an authentic Thai restaurant specializing in chicken meals.

Honestly the food is better than they are offering in international brand restaurants. Of course it's a matter of taste, but at least the price is right without compromising the taste.

Map link

Linda I-San (local)

The northeastern part of Thailand, Isan, is the largest of the country's regions. From here, a unique food culture has spread around the country.

In Mae Phim, this is represented by Linda I-San, where small meze-type portions are served, and the absolute top is represented by Hot Pots, where seafood, pork and beef are prepared yourself. A nice place to enjoy food and being together wit friends, map link.


Restaurant Sunshine offers a versatile menu that includes not only local dishes but also Western dishes.

Map link

Fresh Start (local)

Fresh Start is a small family restaurant that serves authentic Thai food. 

This is also a cozy place to sit and enjoy refreshments and exchange ideas and experiences with other customers. 

Facebook, map link 

Shade Tree

Shade Tree is a family owned restaurant with a good atmosphere and, of course, authentic Thai food.

However, there are also Nordic dishes on the menu, from meatballs to minced meat spaghetti and crab bread.

The restaurant is closed for renovation and will open in September 2024.

Map link

Tequila Sunrice

Tequila Sunrice is perhaps the most western style restaurant in Mae Phim. However, this does not mean that it is worse than the others, only in a positive sense. Here you can get portions when you want something other than Thai food - or Thai food in a Western style.

The restaurant often has live music with moderate intensity and you can also see beautiful sunsets from there.

Facebook, map link 

Pizza Nuss

The pizzas are the masterpieces of Pizza Nuss, which has been operating since 2009. Many come here regularly to enjoy pizzas and other food as well. The twenty-page long menu contains comprehensive selections from Thai dishes to pasta, cuts, pizzas and stews.

During the same visit, you will also visit in Bali Residence, a holiday home area popular with Nordics.

Facebook, map link

GrandBlue Resort

GrandBlue Resort is all about a place to chill out.

Breakfast is served every day 07-10 PM.

The specialty of the place is the wine cellar.

Homepage, Facebook, maplink

Bo Pen Yang

Located roughly halfway along the road leading to Kram, Bo Pen Yang offers a versatile menu that includes Thai dishes as well as Western food. The place is attractively decorated and there is also an opportunity to play billiards. You can see the menus on Facebook and Google Map.

Facebook, map link

Jojo Seafood

Jojo Seafood is by far one of the biggest restaurants in Mae Phim. This indicates that the place is popular especially among the locals. In the parking lot, there can be several colorful tourist buses from time to time, which mainly bring Bangkokians for a weekend vacation. The reason for this must be the delicious seafood.

Map link  

The Kitchen

The Kitchen in Mae Phim has been operating for a long time. The new place is a short distance from Hotel Grand Blue towards Ban Phe.

The menu here is also diverse and you can continue the evening in the Lucy Viking pub next door.

Facebook, map link

Drift Bar

Drift Bar, located on the beach of Ao Khai, offers food and drinks during the day and turns into a nice place for dinner parties in the evenings.

The specialty of the place are the fire shows on Fridays, and on the weekends there is also live music and dancing.

Facebook, map link

Mee D

Mee D restaurant, located a couple of kilometers east of the center of Kram, is also a crab farm. This is how you can conclude that the food offered is guaranteed to be fresh.

The specialty of the place is the glass tables through which you can watch the underwater life. Facebook, map link

Tapas Bar & Restaurant

Opened in 2022, the restaurant offers lovers of Spanish food a nice place to enjoy tapas and also 'slightly' different Thai food.

The wine selection is also quite wide.

Facebook, map link

J.Steak & BBQ

J.Stek & BBQ, offers steaks, skewers and other delicacies made on the grill.

There are many pictures on Facebook and there is also a menu, map link