Phones and internet

Good internet connections are available in Mae Phim and these are standard equipment in rental apartments. Fixed connections are provided by Sanuk (office in Mae Phim) and TOT

Prepaid SIM cards are for sale e.g. In 7Eleven stores or you can already buy this at the airport. When buying, you need a passport, and after obtaining it, you go to recharge the talk time at the self-service kiosks in several places. In these, a phone number is given and the desired payment is made. If the use is low, then 20 Bath is enough for a month. In addition to the actual talk time fee, a service fee of two Baths is charged. A phone with two SIMs is convenient, but if you don't have this, you should bring a phone with you from home. A basic phone costs 30 euros.

The prepaid subscription is only valid for one month of charging. So if you want to keep the number valid longer, you have to go to a kiosk to recharge for more time. Charging for a longer time can be done at the operator's point of sale (e.g. Lotus Klaeng has at least AIS and True points). The number will be deactivated after three months, if the balance is not recharged during this time.

It is also possible to add an internet connection to the SIM card. This is particularly convenient if you want to use e.g. Google Map.