There are many Thai massage companies in Mae Phim. It is also possible to get a massage on the beaches as well as in hotels and shopping centers.

You should definitely go and enjoy the massage, and when choosing a place, you should use your intuition, your friends' recommendations, or just walk in. The masseuses are happy to listen to wishes about the hardness of the massage and especially tight spots. A good tip is: if you feel you are getting a very good service, ask the masseuse's name so you know who to ask next time.

Prices for massages start from three hundred baht upwards. The following are a couple of examples of companies that have been operating here for a long time:

In addition to a comprehensive selection of massages, By Kaev offers e.g. foot and nail treatments, eyelash extensions and nail gelling.

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Orchid also offers a comprehensive selection of massage services.

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