Kilometers of lovely sandy beach


Mae Phim offers versatile coverage for spending beach life. In addition to restaurant and massage services, the beaches have beach chairs and shower and toilet facilities.

There is usually no charge for sunbeds on the beach, but the compensation is included in the services purchased on site. If you don't use these, it is of course correct to pay for usage. Entrepreneurs thus have the opportunity to keep the beaches clean and invest in comfort.

Laem Mae Phin Beach

The four-kilometer-long sandy beach along beach road is Mae Phim's own beach. You can get drinks and Thai food from more than forty different beach restaurants. A table is reserved in the restaurant for eating and drinking, and sunbeds are placed on the beach for relaxation.

Toilet and shower facilities are located on the other side of the beach street. There are e.g. banana boats, canoes and paragliding.

Ao Khai Beach

Ao Khai Beach is located on the east side when the promenade turns to Kram. In addition to a small shop, there are restaurants on the beach (e.g. Drift Bar, more information from the Restaurants menu) and a couple of hotels (map link).

When you leave the beach road in the direction of Ban Phe, there are beaches at regular intervals. Below is a list of the beaches at the beginning according to distance (you can see the location on the map, if you click on the name, it will open in a new window):

Coca Cola Beach

One Beach

Ken's Beach

Beach Bar Club Rayong

Three Tree Beach

There are always enough places all the way to Ban Phe and beyond. What is your favorite beach?