In addition to chain stores, there are many small convenience stores and larger general stores in the area. The gratifying thing is that the price level in these is the same as in big supermarkets, sometimes even cheaper. In local stores, you can also buy gasoline for a moped, which is "served" by pouring it from a whiskey bottle. The selection in these is often surprisingly diverse and the service is friendly.

At both ends of Beach road there are 7Eleven markets, (map link 1, map link 2) and the third one is connected to the fuel station when going towards Krami (map link 3). Lotus Express, on the other hand, is located four kilometers from the beginning of the beach road towards the village of Kram (map link). 7Eleven and Lotus have the best selection of cold products, such as milk, spreads, cheeses, and cold meats. Lotus also has a meat counter.

In the village of Kram there is a shop called Pattana (map link) with a large selection of e.g. dishes, accessories, and materials related to home care, dry foods, and instant coffees. There are also a couple of cold cabinets with a small selection of spreads, milk, cheese, etc.

The nearest large grocery store is Makro (map link) in Ban Phe (about 20 km). The selection is wide, e.g. fresh seafood, chicken and pork, etc. It should be noted that all fresh products are weighed and bagged by the staff. The macro is used by e.g. restaurants as a wholesaler, so the turnover of products is good.

In Mae Phim, there are also small stores mainly intended for Nordics, for example, Viva, which has been operating in the area for a long time (Facebook, map link). The corresponding store in Ban Phe is Petra Market (map link). Their selection also includes fresh bread and pastries, more broadly frozen, sausages, cold meats, wines, and imported alcohol. You can buy familiar products from these when you feel homesick.

Shopping Centers

The nearest shopping center is Lotus in Klaeng (map link). You can find products from bicycles to household appliances, from bed linen to raw fish and meat. Both floors also have sales points with products ranging from electronics to jewelry and clothes. The locksmith also has an office. There is also a wide selection of restaurants, and especially for those who like sushi, there is a wide selection at an affordable price.

There are two large shopping centers in Rayong, Central Plaza (map link, homepage) and Passion (map link, homepage). In the traditional way, they offer branded stores and restaurant services for every taste. In addition, there is a large home goods store in Rayong, HomePro (map link, homepage).

Rayong is the capital of the province, so there are many shops and other services available. This link takes you to Rayong's official website for tourists.