In Mae Phim, there are several small coffee kiosks along the roads, where you can get coffee in different forms.

Actual cafes with salty and sweet side dishes are offered by e.g.

Viva Deli & Coffeeshop-Bistro (Facebook, map link)

The Poem Cafe (Facebook, map link)

Suan2kru cafe has a really nice interior and a wonderful selection of savory and sweet pastries, whole cakes, and pastries. In the same connection, there is a nice shop selling, for example, Batik clothes (map link)

Coffee Whale cafe has a wide selection of baked goods and pastries. There is also a bakery connected to it (Facebook, map link)

In addition, many hotel restaurants also offer a good setting for coffee.


Thai food culture does not include bread in the sense that we might think. Could this be because breakfast is less often eaten here, who knows?

But bakeries have slowly started to come here as well, as the demand increases. There is at least one bakery in Mae Phim, Aroy Bakery, whose Belgian owner knows how to bake bread suitable for us. The bakery's products are also for sale in Viva. The cafe-bakery is located inside the Escape Condo (Facebook, map link)

If you know a nice cafe or bakery, please send info via the Feedback menu.