Moving and public transport

Mae Phim offers an end-to-end beach walk of seven kilometers. Along the way there are several beach restaurants, a fish market, a beach boulevard, memorials and local picnic camps. When the beach ends, the next one begins behind the cape.

The streets are relatively wide and space is reserved for light traffic. Speeds sometimes want to go a little higher than allowed, but otherwise the traffic flows smoothly and fellow passengers are noticed with an audible signal if necessary.

Crossing roads on foot requires great attention, as motorists may not respect crosswalks.

The rental companies have a good selection of bicycles, 2- and 3-wheeled scooters and cars. According to Thai law, an international driver's license is required and it must have a separate entry for a motorcycle. For your own safety, wear a helmet.


Along the street between the Grand Blue hotel and the condo, there are several bicycle, scooter and car rental shops, map link. The centralized booking offices Quality Voyager and Sun4you also offer a rental service (see the bottom of the page).

Public transportation

Pickup trucks operate from Mae Phim beach street in the direction of Ban Phen and from there either a direct continuation or a change to Rayong. We will collect information about the schedules here when we get them.


There are no taxis that can be ordered in Mae Phim, but rides in the surrounding area can be ordered from, for example, the hotel reception, a restaurant or from the residence's entry gate.

Airport transfers and transfers further afield

Airport transportation can be conveniently booked by e-mail in advance from home. In this case, a driver will be waiting at the airport with a name plate. If necessary, the driver will stop along the way, for example in a shop or to go to the bathroom. The trip takes about a couple of hours and the payment is paid in cash.

You can order the transport practically anywhere in Thailand and they can also do it to, for example, Cambodia. The most popular trips go to Ban Phen, Rayong, Pattaya, Koh Chang and Bangkok, and of course to various attractions.

You can also get information about transport and rental from the websites of the following companies:

Quality Voyager, English, Finnish

Sun4You, English, Swedish, Thai