Other services

Filling water bottles

You can fill your own drinking bottles from the water dispensers and the price is affordable, around 1-2 B/liter. Vending machines can be found along the promenade, starting near Mosaic Condo all the way to Kram. The product names are at least Blue Water and JR Water.

This will be a saving, but an even bigger advantage is that we save the amount of plastic.

Phone repair shop

In connection with the Lotus department store (Klaeng), there is a good phone repair shop that repairs e.g. broken glass for different brands of phones.

According to experience, the delivery time is good and, for example, changing the glass of a mobile phone camera took less than a day and the price was 450B.

The shop is located on the ground floor at the corner of MK and Santa Fe restaurants.

Map link


The nearest full-service optician is located a little further from the 7 Eleven next to Viva on Beach road. Gets along well with the staff in English. The delivery time varies depending on the requirements, from a couple of days to a week, map link.

There are several optical shops along the main street in Klaeng. There is also one, a map link, in Lotus department store, map link.

Do you have experience with these shops? Send us feedback, so we can tell others, (Feedback).

Wine shop

Thailand's own wine production has recently developed in a positive direction and there is clearly an investment in this.

Several shops sell wines in glass bottles and cardboard packages. The quality of these varies and based on experience you can find your own favorites.

In Hotel Grand Blue (photo) is a wine shop with quite a wide selection of quality wines.